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The Mindful Driver

The Mindful Driver

Why choose this course when all you need are driving lessons, which will teach you to
a) move the car around and
b) move the car around in traffic,

What about all the other things that are needed to make our young adults safe on our roads?

The Mindful Driver will look at personal tendencies such as bad attitudes or motives, which can affect driving behaviours.

This course will fit perfectly with your PHSE education as it is designed for 17-24 yr olds and discusses personal risk in many forms.

  • The risks involved if alcohol, drugs or mobile phones are associated with driving
  • How driving under pressure from peers can influence driving capabilities
  • Understanding risks involved as a passenger or driver
  • How being in a unfamiliar are or road can affect judgement
  • How deeper issues such as school, family or even finacial pressures can increase risky behaviour

This course will take the delegates on a journey of discovery, not just about driving safety but also into their own personal beliefs and will get them to question how those beliefs affect them as a passenger and driver. The course will take the delegates through group discussions, tasks and other activities, leading them to find solutions to why people find safe driving so difficult.

At the end of the course, each delegate can apply for a Unit Award Scheme Certificate from the AQA, this can be kept in thier Personal Development folders to demonstrate to Colleges, Universities and future empoyers that they can gone above and beyond in their own education. This Certificate can be shown to car Insurers too.